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Refurbished gear drive for clear space hammer

Existing equipment restored to as new condition

On-site work or dismantled and transported to FTS Works which has fabrication, fitting and machine workshops complete with overhead cranage

Up-grade facilities and retrofitting of modern equipment from braking systems or handling equipment to sophisticated programme controlled logic computers

Improvements and modifications designed and implemented to mainframe or any other parts to accommodate customer requirements

Modern harder wearing yet more resilient synthetic materials introduced

Decades of experience in handling, repairing and maintaining any equipment on any scale from a 4 cwt drop stamp to a 6000 ton forging press

Comprehensive stock of spares

Design and manufacture of unique major cost cutting clutch and brake assemblies retrofitted to existing equipment

MSC Drop Hammer
Refurbished production line To see some of our refurbished machines that are currently for sale please click on the products button to your left. Please note that this page is updated regulary.

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