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By the very nature of the forging industry moving metal, constant high impact and high pressure loading stretches forging machines to their limits. Highly skilled operators know these limits and operate within parameters and critical metallurgical temperatures or malleability of product material conditions, constantly checking adjustments to frame, slides, wedge and bolsters to enable high quality near net forgings.

Precision tool design and preparation is an essential and sometimes expensive component to achieve the continuous high quality production. Machined to finest tolerances with today's technology and finishing processes.

Forging machines, when first built were also manufactured to very tight tolerances and material specifications. They were built to last, hence they have been the work horses of the forging industry for decades. Properly maintained and serviced they can continue to give good service.

Over time, even the best maintained and cared for machines can develop wear problems which can cause 'misalignment' thereby expensive tooling would have difficulty producing good quality forgings. Further running and maloperation can lead to possible damage or wear in other components including tools or even major breakdowns.

Our service and design team are born of the forging industry and know exactly how and what to look for within the body of the machines. Backed with a knowledge base from original design details, they can identify any problem areas and will advise clearly how, if necessary, any corrective procedures will improve production.

In the case of a major breakdown a detailed report will be supplied. All work will be properly documented and industry standard method statements plus risk assessment papers will be provided.

The machines can be repaired on site and where necessary with appropriate equipment, components will be dismantled and transported to our own factory machine shops for corrective repairs or remanufacture

  • Inspection checks to operation of equipment
  • Adjustment checks to slides and drive equipment
  • Diagnosis of faults and restoration
  • Scheduled maintenance program
  • Emergency repairs
  • Call-out response usually within 12 hours
  • Fully qualified team of service engineers available 24 hours per day
  • Expertise on a wide range of machinery from hammers and presses to rolls and croppers