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Centre Distance Calculator

This calculator computes the shaft center distance of a drive based on the length of a belt and the pitch diameters of the pulleys/sheaves.  The pitch diameter is the specified diameter of a pulley/sheave for a given belt type, it is not the outside diameter of the pulley/sheave.  To get the gear ratio of a drive simply divide the pitch diameters of the pulleys/sheaves.  The belt length is only an approximate figure but the specified length should be within the final adjustment range of the idler pulleys or the adjustable centers of the shafts.

Enter the diameter of the 1st pulley in millimeter:.  or inches: 
Enter the diameter of the 2nd pulley in millimeter:  or inches: 
Enter the belt length in millimeter:....................... or inches: 

 or  .

Results computed from input data:
Center Distance (mm) (inches)
Gear Ratio   : 1