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Technology today is demanding the finest precision engineering and quality assurance is now a dominating factor with customers in the forging industry.

'Getting it right first time, on time, every time'
is our philosophy and a major consideration in choosing suppliers.

Manufacturing resource planning systems are established with many major customers throughout the world, this has led to the use of preferred suppliers who have the Q1 certificate where product batches are subjected to stringent quality inspections.

With international competition becoming so fierce, the UK forging industry must be aware of the efficiency of their own production lines of hammers and presses. It is essential to cut production times to make short runs feasible and profitable.

Forge Tech Services are the specialists who can advise on how to achieve these demanding requirements.

Forge Tech Services (SA) Ltd
Unit 2, District Business Park,
Birchills Street, Walsall, WS2 8NG

Tel/Fax: 01922 612 192

Mob: 07789502850